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Family 7 years ago thank you for my life

one short story, of hundreds, that proves why my mom is the best in the world:

like many teenage girls i found myself smitten over a boy named brandon sheffield. he was the love of my life, who for my birthday presented me with a beautiful heart-shaped diamond ring on a gold band. i will never forget how much i loved the ring, especially opening it…box after box, as each one got smaller and smaller. the heart was made of 14 small diamonds. i remember this because it was on my 14th birthday.

a few years passed and as we matured, our love started to feel the strain of high school drama and growing apart. we found ourselves in the midst of a bad break-up and inconveniently during this break-up i lost my most prized possession, the ring! i freaked out, crying, searching and searching for the ring. my mom helped me look for the ring for a few days and eventually i began to mourn not only the loss of my ring, but the loss of my first true love.

less than a week later i got home from school and my mom popped through the door:

“guess what i found”


Ahhhh at least she found something that I could hold on to and treasure. Our love was real! And I had a ring to prove it!

…. then end.

just kidding.

A year later I was cleaning my room and found the ring. Not the ring my Mom gave me, but the actual ring that Brandon had given me. She knew the store he got it from and pretended to have found it, all to make her daughter feel better.

I love you for that Mom. Not only for this small story, but for the hundreds and hundreds of others that I have that could fill this entire blog up page by page (and there’s over 600 of them!).

Happy Birthday.
I love you.

Your Daughter.

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xoxo jacey

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