It’s a good day to have a good day.

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Beauty 1 day ago

What is SPF?

Let’s talk about SPF. We all know we should be wearing it daily, but what is it exactly? SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, which is...


Last Week or So

City Guides 2 days ago

My Guide to Tulum

I know that I was super late to the party, but I finally made it to Tulum last week and I’ll tell you something: the...

Daily Looks 3 days ago

Take Me Back To Tulum

Dreaming about all the amazing food and drink we had during our time in Tulum! Can’t wait to share more about the trip soon. Stay...

Dear Damsel Do you have a stylist?

I do not work with a stylist and I select everything on my own. If a brand is doing a sponsored post, they send a line sheet and I select something. I enjoy shopping online and in person.

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Beauty 3 days ago

6 Favorite Serums for Summer

From increasing hydration to anti-aging, there are a ton of benefits to adding a serum into your skincare routine. I’ve been incorporating serums into mine for...

Daily Looks 4 days ago

Is It Happy Hour Yet?

I need to find a drink to match my yellow shirt. Right?!...

Q&A 4 days ago

How Old Are You?

I never talk about age because, to me, it really is just a number. A number that continues to change as time passes by and...

Daily Looks 5 days ago

Red-y For Tacos

First you wash the sand off your feet, then you put on your summer sandals & then you head out for tacos!...

Fashion Tips 5 days ago

Summer Fashion Guide

For all of my long time readers, you know that every holiday season I release an online magazine that’s filled with gifts and style tips....

Q&A 6 days ago

10 Things I've Learned In My 10 Year Relationship

Where does the time go? I was a bit hesitant to do a post surrounding our special anniversary because Grant and I certainly do not...

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Hi, I'm Jacey

The editor of Damsel in Dior. My hope is that this space offers you with the inspiration, tips and tools you need to approach every day never feeling like a damsel in distress, but always like a Damsel in Dior.

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I love to drive barefoot.

Anytime I can, I'll slip off my shoes. It's how I learned on the farm.

My record player is used almost daily.

Enjoying TV free time is a daily priority in my home.

My hobbies are playing piano and drawing.

Even though I don't think I'm good at either. I just do it for fun.

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My Brother & I Go Backstage at Dior

Party in the front & party in the back on our way to eat at Arca… I love this pretty yellow dress – it’s perfect...

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