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Fair enough. I did a $500 Friday and now (per your request) I’ll do a $100 Friday. For all of you budget babes, here are a few items I’d suggest investing on if you have $100 to spend (and why):

¬†{$49} Why? A great statement necklace can do wonders for your wardrobe. You can wear the same old outfit you’ve been relying on for months, but throw a bold necklace to the mix and it’ll bring new life to your clothes.

{$30} Why? This is by far one of my favorite pieces in my closet. You can wear it over a swim suit with the sleeves rolled up, layered under a sweater/vest. You could even throw this Chambray over a floral dress or layer it over a cute tank. The possibilities for the Chambray are endless.

{$8} Why? The Polka-Dot trend is hotter than ever, but going out and buying all new tops and dresses can be $$$. For budget-babes, I’d suggest not investing a lot of money on current trends, rather getting a pop of polka dot (or color) in a cheaper accessory item. After all, in 6 months from now polka dots will be out and the newest tried will be taking over.

With the extra $7 or so you have left over, PUT IT IN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT & save up for a big piece like a great handbag.

xoxo jacey

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