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i am obsessed with twine and kraft paper.

i wanted to wrap all of our christmas gifts in it so i ordered wholesale online and ended up with 50 lbs of kraft paper and the largest spool of twine i’ve ever seen. 

so, here are some other things you can do with twine (things i will be doing since i have it coming out of my ears)

1  |  hosting a dinner party? get creative and wrap the silverware in some trusty twine.

2  | dress up your candles

3  | make some flowers feel extra fresh

4  |  go all out and hang wreaths (or pictures) with twine

5 | have a very twine christmas

6  | throw a girls night, ornament making

7 | gettin’ hitched? 

8  | jazz up your office or hang xmas cards

9  | actually use it for wrapping!

10  |  hey, i seriously have enough twine to wrap up my car (along with all of the gifts)

hopefully this will get you into the holiday spirit.

get your own

xoxo jacey

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