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A friend of mine ed me yesterday about what she should wear to the Master’s. All I know is that I’m capital J-ealous. What a great opportunity to pop out some prep and a fun visor. With a husband who is a major, major golf enthusiast, I couldn’t help but whip up an outfit inspiration.

{$64} {$35} {$95} {$36} {$78} {$98} {$50}

A Few Master Rules: 

– Cell phones aren’t allowed and camera’s are only allowed on practice days.

– Patrons are asked to display traditional customs of decorum (aka: be polite and dress like you’re going to your grandma’s). Don’t show a lot of leg and keep your shoulders covered.

– Whether can be tricky, so I suggest bringing a hat, sunscreen, a light coat and rain gear (just in case). Also, I would never suggest wearing an open toed shoe on (any) golf course.

xoxo jacey

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