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Since my new office will be built into our garage, a part of me thinks that it would be chic to go a more industrial route. A on the garage cement floors mixed with an or could make for a really inviting space.

More wooden desk options:


My office space isn’t just my office space. For me it is a creative area where I retreat to work on my personal project, play piano, write & sometimes play video games {yes, I play video games}. While my desk is mainly used for work, I am also looking for a that can be used for other projects such as wrapping Christmas gifts, collaging and drawing. I’ve been seeing a lot of kitchen tables used as desks lately and I think it’s a brilliant idea!

More tables:


I am hearing about more and more people using a  as a desk to provide better posture. Worker bee’s are pairing  as desk chairs and sometimes even standing during long office hours.

More island options:


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