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1. // I have officially almost worn out my favorite pair of so I’ve slowly started to hunt for a new pair.

Other sick white sneakers:

2. // If you aren’t familiar with the latest and greatest dress line that every fashion gal cannot stop raving over, it’s time to get yourself familiar with Self Portrait. These look great on every body type and can be worn year round.

More Self Portrait beauties:


3. Healthy Hair // I want healthy hair. I’m the first to admit that I fried out my hair this summer by getting blonde locks and now I’m paying the price. Lately I’ve been giving my hair a rest by avoiding highlights and letting my mane grow out. I’m also doing nightly conditioning masks and taking extra vitamins.

A few hair care favorites:

4. // If it has a bow on it, you can count me in!

Other bow tie blouses:

xoxo jacey

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