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Fashion Tips 4 years ago No. 96

#1. // I’m all about girlie details and am obsessed with all of the pieces that have a bow on them.

#2. // I cleaned out my closet this weekend & to my surprise I realized that I have officially lost my favorite . I noticed it was missing a few weeks ago when I went to wear it {it’s on a steady rotation in my closet year-round}. This is one of my favorite pieces in my closet & after searching high and low for the , I always come back to for this classic.

#3. // There is something super simple yet sexy about a that makes me walk a bit straighter & hold my head a touch higher. I think the key to styling is pairing it with a chunky sweater or slightly undone blouse half tucked so the look isn’t too stuffy.

Other pretty pleated skirts:

#4. // Sometimes you can spend days, weeks or even months searching for the perfect shoe and sometimes the perfect shoe finds you. I didn’t even want a mary jane style pair of flats, but when I came across , I knew I had to have them.

#5. // I’ve always been the type of person who needs to write anything and everything down in order to remember it and I am a huge fan of to keep things organized & stylish.

Other neat notebooks:

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xoxo jacey

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