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Fashion Tips 4 years ago No. 95

2. // It’s kind of incredible what a photo and/or product shot can do for a piece of clothing. I saw this skirt on a model as a product shot and wasn’t too impressed. When I glanced across this shot of the skirt, however, my jaw dropped .

More over the moon maxi’s:

3. // Sometimes when I’m looking to spice things up a bit I head to my favorite London websites for some style that’s outside of the box. One of my favorites is . With everything from dresses, pants & shoes to accessories, I always seem to score a piece or two that adds a spicy mix to my wardrobe.


4. Polka Dot Prettiness // I feel like instead of plaid/gingham, polka dots are going to be falls favorite layering piece. I’m already starting to add some to my mix.

More pretty polkadots:

5. // I know I’m late to the party but I finally, finally ordered myself some ! They were out of my size in black so I went with nude.

Images borrowed from: // //  //


xoxo jacey

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