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I have never {repeat: never} done a Follow Friday post on someone that I haven’t met or that is an acquaintance of some sort. That is, until American expat Amy Fohr e-mailed me all the way from Dubai. Instantly intrigued as to how a fashionista went from Florida to New York and then Dubai I clicked on her blog Leopard & Lillies and just like that, it was love at first site. Not only did I fall head over heels for Amy’s impressive bag collection, but her cheerful editorials and overall positive attitude. Her blog is a prime example of how you can be a fashion blogger no matter where you live {in fact, I think it’s even cooler that she lives in Dubai and blogs, don’t you!?}.

Be sure to follow Amy’s journey & stunning style at 

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 Read the full interview below:

What is your idea of happiness? A lazy Friday (our weekends on
Friday/Saturday) relaxing with the hubby and the puppy.

– Favorite food/drink? McDonald’s Sweet Tea

– What is your motto? “The world is a book, and those who don’t
travel read only one page” – St. Augustine

– Who is your favorite musician? Adele, is what has been on
repeat the last month or two

– What do you consider to be the greatest invention? Magic Jack,
allows me to call friends and family in the states for free.

– What do you love most about fashion? Getting to play dress

– If you had one wish, what would it be? That traveling from the
US to Dubai didn’t take a 15-hour flight so I could be closer to
my friends and family and still explore the world.

– What is your favorite item in your closet? Loving my new
statement necklace from JCrew that just arrived.

– What are 3 things you have been up to lately? (i.e. playing extra hard with the pups
or amping up for a conference, planning an exciting trip etc….) Planning a trip to
Vienna in September with LJF, preparing for one of my best friends visit to Dubai at
the end of August, and planning an end of summer BBQ for all of our friends in Dubai
during mid to late September after it cools off a bit.

What are your top 3 blogs to follow?

Pink Peonies
The Stylish Housewife
J’s Everyday Fashion

– Favorite Store? Target, because it’s the store I miss most living overseas. When I
travel back home Target is typically my first stop and I usually spend hours walking
the isles.

– Reading any books at the moment? Seen any great movies? Favorite TV Shows?
Just started watching Breaking Bad, just caught up to Season 5

– What is your favorite word of the moment? Inshallah, means god willing in Arabic.

– What is your favorite color of the moment? (or color-combo) Print mixing, I love the
idea that patterns you typically didn’t think went together now suddenly blend.

– What are 3 things you have in your purse at all times? Kindle (I love to read, I
typically go through a book a week), Two phones US IPhone and Dubai blackberry and
Fresh Rose Sugar lips.

– If you were an animal what would you be? Our dog Harley, he’s a cockapoo originally
from Hungary. He’s got a pretty sweet life, and will travel back to the States with us
when we eventually move home.

– What is one talent you wish you had (but sadly do not)? Mind reading, I would love
to know what everyone is thinking.

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xoxo jacey

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