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Being sick is the worst. I don’t know if you noticed the lack in outfit posts this week (sorry!), but it is due to a root canal procedure that has left my mouth feeling paralyzed. After Monday’s live chat session (which my mouth was numb for), my health took a nose dive. Lucky for me, the husband (aka Dr. Damsel) knows exactly what it takes to make me feel better. Here’s the rundown:

–   {$25} in bed along with a chicky flicky that will take my mind off said sickness like  {$8}

– Preferred meal for the ill: Fish Sticks, Mac-n-Cheese and Ketchup. It’s okay if the ketchup mixes with both the fish sticks and the mac.

– My “bottle.”   {$14} Favorite thing to drink out of.

– Cute lounge clothes to keep my spirits up such as the  {$88} &  {$128}

– *Most important*When picking up prescriptions it is always good to surprise sick Damsel with “mystery gift.” The best mystery gifts are mainly “As Seen On TV” items, cheap toy-like figures and/or gossip mags.  Flowers: Optional.


Был найден мной нужный веб портал на тематику стул офисный.

xoxo jacey

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