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Outfits 3 days ago

Few New Purchases

There’s a new kid on the Melrose Place block and I could not be more excited about it. As I get older, my style tends...

Daily Looks 4 days ago

Weekend Ready

After a long week, Grant and I are so ready for the weekend! We’ll be soaking up all of Miss Polly before we head out...

Daily Looks 4 days ago

Louis Vuitton Exhibition

Stepping out for the Louis Vuitton Time Capsule Exhibition opening! The Louis Vuitton exhibition that I went to last night is now open to the...

Daily Looks 5 days ago

A Day of Shooting

Spent the day creating with Lindsey of Vibe Tribe Creative. Sometimes it’s nice to bring a fresh set of eyes into your life so you...

Daily Looks 7 days ago

Evening Dress Up

Los Angeles isn’t always the best city to play evening dress up. Sometimes you have to make your own excuses, no matter where you live....

Daily Looks 1 week ago

High Waisted Monday

It’s a high waisted kind of Monday. What kind of Monday are you having?...

Daily Looks 1 week ago

Sunday Funday

Just before the sun popped out… …and we stuffed our face with cobb salads!...

Daily Looks 1 week ago

Spontaneous Staycation

Spontaneous staycation! Grant and I decided to take a spontaneous staycation at one of our favorite places over the weekend – The Peninsula Beverly Hills....

Daily Looks 1 week ago

Geometric Print Dress

How fun is this geometric print dress? It was the perfect piece for a night out on the town!...

Outfits 1 week ago

A Quick Trip to the Beach

It’s literally crazy to me that I live so close to the beach yet I hardly ever go. This week Grant and I made our...

Outfits 2 weeks ago

My New System To Dressing

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s been a slight shift in the way I’ve been dressing lately. Maybe it’s due to a recent...

Outfits 2 weeks ago

Wish I Was Here

Real life? …or am I really sitting at the dermatologist with Polly? Dreaming of making a trip back to The Surfrider Malibu ASAP. You can...

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